Airplane Essentials

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Its that time of year again…SPRING BREAK! If you’re like myself its likely that you or your family uses this yearly break as a time to travel. Traveling is great: you get to experience new things, meet new people, and discover new places. unfortunately before you escape to your fun filled vacation you have to suffer through a plane ride, which is one of my least favourite things to do. Today i put together a list of airplane essentials that will help people enjoy their flights as much as possible.

  1. Carry On Bag- the first and most important airplane essential is a carry on bag. I usually choose to use a large tote bags as my carry on because its what is most practical for me, but carry on bags vary from person to person. My personal favourite is the reversible GG leather tote from gucci, its a good size and its reversible so its like you’re getting two bags for the price of one! (Here)
  2. Magazines – The second essential airplane items for me are magazines! Magazines honestly make reading fun and are great for finding new fashion tips, beauty tricks, and life advice. My favourite magazine is Seventeen due to the fact that it has a variety of subject matter as apposed to focusing on one thing. (Here)
  3. Technology- Another essential to get through your plane ride is your preferred technical device, mine is my macbook pro. Its important to bring this due to the fact that you can watch movies, TV shows or play games to keep you busy during your flight and to make the time go by faster.
  4. SNACKS!- if you’re like me and struggle to go more than an hour without eating something, then snacks are an essential when it comes to making your airplane ride as comfortable and satisfying as possible. You can buy snacks on the airplane but they tend to be overpriced so bringing your fav snacks from home is likely a better option. My personal fav are Maynards sour watermelon (10/10 would recommend)
  5. Gum- if you’ve been on an airplane before then you know of the immense pressure that causes your ears to pop during take offs and landings. My favourite way to prevent this or help my ears to pop quicker is by chewing gum. i chose Trident splash, but any gum will work.
  6. Lotion- due to the fact that the air in an airplane is recirculated many people tend to get very dry skin whilst in the air. Packing lotion, especially on long flights, can help prevent this. One of my biggest pet peeves is when my hands are dry so i chose to pack LUSH love and light hand cream which does a great job at keeping me moisturized on flights. (Here)
  7. Lip Balm- i pack lip balm for the same reason i pack lotion. Dry lips are never fun so packing your preferred lip balm is essential when traveling. For mine i chose EOS summer fruit which is one of my personal favs. (Here)
  8. Books- if magazines aren’t your thing then books are an airplane essential. The book i’m currently reading is called girl boss and its by the creator of one of my favourite online shops, Nasty Gal, its very inspirational and emphasizes the importance of doing what you love. I highly recommend you buy this book and join the #GIRLBOSS movement;) (Here)
  9. Sunnies- if you’re travelling to somewhere sunny or want a cute accessory to add to your airport outfit then a cute pair of sunnies is a must. My personal favourites at the moment are my YSL classic 6 sunglasses, they aren’t just an airport essential but  day to day staple for me (11/10 would recommend). (Here)
  10. Cellphone- self explanatory, personally i cant survive without my cellphone so its 100% an essential. Cute phone cases are also an essential, the current one i’m using is from Casetify which has an amazing selection of cases for great prices! (Here)

Thats all for my airport essentials. Hope everyone has a fun and safe spring break! Lots of love, xoxo.



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