Its that time of year again… Spring. Spring is by far one of my least favourite seasons outfit wise because i never know what to wear. Theres days where its cold and you think summer will never come, and then there is days where its warm enough for people to think that summer is days away. This outfit is chique, comfortable, transitional and my go to for spring days.

  1. lets start out with my fav spring accessory, sunnies!  if there anything i love about spring its the fact that i can finally start adding sunnies to my wardrobe. This pair is my current fav, they are the Celine bevel cat sunglasses and are perfect for everyday use. OH and they look super cute when your hair is up(; (Here)
  2. The next part of my outfit is a staple in everyones wardrobe, a plain black tee. This is totally basic but i’m super particular about the t-shirts i wear. This one is from Artzia and is by the brand Babaton, its amazing quality and looks great with anything. (Here)
  3. The next part of my outfit is another staple. If you’re like me and comfort is your main concern then leggings are a must. My personal fav are the Align pant from Lululemon. (Here)
  4. My favourite transitional piece is a leather jacket. For me a leather jacket is a staple because it can take an outfit from drab to fab in 5 seconds. Its also great for spring because if it is cold outside it can keep you cozy yet cute at the same time. (Here)
  5. Any type of handbag will work with an outfit like this, which is a major reasons why i love the outfit so much. Usually i will use handbags to add a pop of colour to an outfit like this, but on this particular day i wasn’t carrying much so i opted for the wristlet that comes with the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag. This wristlet is great because it is such a classic and goes with anything and everything, the only downside to it is that it isn’t sold separately 😦 (Here)
  6. The final part of this outfit is of course my shoes.Trainers are my favourite shoes to rock when running errands and shopping. These new Kylie Jenner Puma trainers are by far the comfiest shoes i have ever owned, not to mention they are super cute and go with everything. 10/10 would recommend these amazing shoes, thx Kylie;) (Here)

Thats all for my comfy transitional outfit of the day! hope you all enjoyed! Lots of love, xoxo.



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