Dry Skin 101

Its winter, the air is dry and the weather is cold and for some of us that means dry, flaky, and at the worst of times sore skin.

Personally I’ve struggled with dry skin in the winter my entire life so I’ve developed a long list of yay and nay products for the problem.

Some people think that you need expensive treatments such as facials or body wraps. The truth is that if you develop a good skin care routine with the affordable products listed below, you’re skin will be soft and glowing in no time.

Live a care free and confident winter with the skin care products below!

  1. LUSH ocean salt face and body cleanser ($36)


This product is a must, it removes all the dry and flaky skin all over your body. It is perfect to use prior to moisturizing. It is quite harsh on the skin so i wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use but overall it is a great products and lasts a long time!

2. LUSH 9 to 5 cleanser ($11)


This product is a perfect daily cleanser for dry skin, it removes make as well so its very efficient! it leaves your skin feeling soft and bright which is perfect for people with dry skin.

3. Eau Roma Water ($11)


Most girls with dry skin choose to opt out of toner because it can be very drying, but the truth is its and essential part of everyones skin care routine. This toner is infused with Lavender and Rose oil and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

4. LUSH Oatifix face mask ($9)


This face mask is filled with moisturizing products such as Banana and porridge. It leaves your face flake free and smooth. And its absolutely perfect for pampering.

5.LUSH Skin Drink Moisturizer ($25)


By far the most amazing thing thats happened to my face.

6. Olay Regenerist overnight moisturizer ($13)


Amazing moisturizer that can be found at your local drugstore, ensures that you wake up with smooth skin.

7. Coconut oil ($9)


COCONUT OIL LITERALLY SAVES LIVES. You can use it on your hair, lips, body, face, anywhere and its extremely moisturizing! 14/10 would recommend :))

8. Vaseline Intensive care cocoa body butter ($7)Unknown-5.jpeg

This is my favourite body butter by far! its so moisturizing and is great to put on right after exfoliating. It also smells AMAZING, is super affordable and easy to find.

Overall i hope you all enjoyed this list of my favourite moisturizing products. If anyone has any requests or wants to see any of the DIY skin care products I make or my daily skin care routine then feel free to comment or hmu on any of the social media listed below!

Thanks for reading, much love xoxo!

Instagram: KaleighhSodaa

Snapchat: Kaleighxoxx



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