DIY Christmas Gifts: Face & Body Scrub

Body Scrub and Exfoliator are products i use all year round, particularly in the winter.  Its every girl with dry skins go to, but sometimes store bought exfoliators can be harsh on the skin and do more harm than help.

Ive come up with a great and easy recipe for a gentle exfoliator that leaves my skin softer than ever. The products are super easy to find if you don’t already have them lying around the house, and it only takes a few minutes to make.

I decided that since its so close to Christmas id also make it a DIY gift  just incase you don’t know what to buy someone, or you don’t like them enough to spend money on them(;



Honey (1/2 tbsp)


Olive Oil (1 1/2 tbsp)


Granulated sugar Sugar (2 tbsp)


Coconut oil (3 tbsp)



  1. Put coconut oil into a microwavable bowl


2. Microwave coconut oil until partially melted


3. Add in olive oil and honey


4. Add in sugar


5. Mix Well


6. Cover with plastic wrap


7. Pour mixture into reusable container and let it solidify, if you       want to speed up this process then feel free to refrigerate the mixture


So thats all for the DIY christmas gift exfoliator! This one can be used on all skin types but is better for dry skin, It can also be used all over the body and face as opposed to just one area!

Hopefully you enjoy this cute little DIY post, feel free to give any feedback or post ideas below or message me on any of the social media listed below.

Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Instagram: Kaleighhsodaa

Snapchat: Kaleighxoxx


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