2016: The Best and Worst Fashion Trends

the year  is coming to an end which means its time think of all the good and bad that has come out of 2016.

If you’re like me and your mind revolves around fashion then that means you’re probably thinking back on all the iconic moments in fashion that occurred during 2016, or maybe even some of the fashion tragedies that have been prevalent within the last year.

Either way, today i decided to compile a list of the best and worst moment or trends in fashion from 2016.

Worst Fashion Trends of 2016 

Throughout 2016 I’ve seen some fashion related things that have really made me question what people were thinking, so heres a list of them all.

Lace-up Body Suits 

67f5d1d766d853edd4b6d7c2d7ce8b7c.jpg   5a8ddf8c4dcb1507a2570cc49e475458.jpg

I can’t really pin point what it is about these, and I’ve definitely seen people make them look cute, but something about them just makes me cringe. I feel like they make super cute outfits look a bit trashy, especially when the lace up goes all the way down to your waist.

Mom Jeans 

kyl.jpg   petite-blue-bird-embroidered-ripped-knee-mom-jeans.jpeg

I feel like these definitely win the award for being the most unflattering pants. Anyone who wears these looks like they gained 10 pounds in all the wrong places. These NEED to be left in 2016.


072016-kim-kardashian-corset.jpg   kylie-5a80636a-5152-4a49-92cf-503a9bf99649.jpg

Unless you’re a Kardashian/Jenner, you probably just look super extra following this “trend”. Honestly it’s not cute and it couldn’t be comfortable, i really will never understand this one.

See Through Shoes 

images-6.jpeg      images-7.jpeg

I rarely see this shoe trend put together in a way that it looks good. If you’re someone like me who has a huge foot phobia then these literally make you gag, especially when the person wearing them has crusty feet, not cute!

T-shirt as a dress trend 

Unknown-11.jpeg  images-8.jpeg

This trend is not bad, personally i really like it. HOWEVER if your t-shirt is a normal size and barely covers your bum, gross. Go buy a t-shirt dress or like a proper oversized shirt, don’t ruin the trend.

Knock Offs 

p1080774.jpg    f_8538_1_1156.jpg

Just stop, this should never be a thing! Anyone who knows and owns designer can tell that your bag, belt, jacket, etc is fake. To make things worse you’re literally funding the child labour industry and god knows what other types of crime. Tragic.

Now there are many more horrible trends that occurred in 2016 such as overly distressed denim and dressing out of season, but i’ll digress. I think its time to move onto a more positive topic.

Best Fashion Trends of 2016

Off the Shoulder Tops

aabff2c80fa76bf1600b7d71578ed2c6.jpg     racionalny-garderob-2.jpg

I think anything off the shoulder is super cute and flattering, these tops are easy to accessorize and you can dress them up or down. This trend should definitely be carried over to 2017!

Fashion Sneakers

images-9.jpeg         9136073_fpx.tif.jpeg

I love this trend because who doesn’t love to be comfy? you can dress fashion sneakers up or down and look cuter than ever without having to suffer through the pain of heels. These are one of my favourite trends of 2016.

Over the Knee Boots

images-10.jpeg       img-thing-1.jpeg

Ive honestly never been so obsessed with a trend in my life, i love over the knee boots i feel like EVERY girl needs a pair in their wardrobe. They make any outfit look perfect, 100% need to continue to be a trend in 2017.

Bomber Jackets 

Unknown-13.jpeg    Unknown-12.jpeg

I feel like when talking about 2016 from a fashion standpoint, bomber jackets are definitely something that needs to be touched on. They were by far one of the biggest trends this year and rightfully so, i think they’re super cute and go with any outfit.


athleisure.jpg   Unknown-14.jpeg

Since i love to be comfy while still looking cute this trend is definitely one i utilize on a weekly basis. I love the athleisure trend because not only do you look sporty chic and feel comfy at the same time, but you also look like you lead an active and healthy lifestyle that definitely doesn’t consist of constant snacking and sleeping!


miranda-kerr-helmut-lang-2.jpg   301ed6ef71a92f3eb72c3578f6e5386a.jpg

Im a huge advocate for the leather trend, i think its super cute and can be worn year round. I especially love it for winter, i think winter outfits can look so blah sometimes, but adding leather to them really makes you stand out.

Overall their were many ups and downs in the fashion world throughout 2016, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds as far as fashion!

Hopefully i will have some more new years themed posts up in the next few days!

As per usual if you have any requests feel free to let me know in the comments or through instagram, until next time xoxo!

Instagram: @Kaleighhsodaa


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