Determined Diva: Reaching Your Goals for 2017

Happy new year everyone! to start off id love to thank all the new people who have followed the blog and everyone who read my last post. I hit 400 views on my last post and I couldn’t be happier!

I hope everyone had an amazing new years eve and new years day, since it’s the beginning of a new year I know many people make a list of goals that they hope to achieve. #newyearnewme

I also happen to know from experience that these goals may not turn into achievements throughout the year and can even be abandoned. Today I thought it would be a great idea to give you all some tips and motivation for achieving your goals and becoming the best you in 2017!

  1. Make Lists 


Every year at the beginning of the year I sit down and make a list of the goals that i want to achieve before the year ends. I find that this helps me be more realistic and stay on track. You can make goals for all aspects of your life and there are plenty of printable organizers and apps that you can make the lists on. Keep the list posted somewhere that is accessible to you on a daily basis (locker, fridge, office, etc) so that you have a constant reminder.

2. Plan it out!

images-2.jpeg  images-1.jpeg

Planning out every aspect of your life is important, but when it comes to reaching your goals its crucial. For my planning I tend to use these planners, they are by far my favourite. I’ve been using one for the past year and it has honestly helped improve my organizational and time management skills significantly. They come in an assortment of different designs to fit each individuals personality, they’re also very eye-catching and detailed on the inside. Each planner  consists of a variety of funny and motivational quotes and cute stickers. I’ll Link the website where you can purchase these planners here, be sure to check it out!

3. Clean start

images-3.jpeg   54bfabc06aa21_-_hbx-0910-miller-white-bathroom-de.jpg

Something i strongly believe in is your surroundings effecting your life, that’s why it’s so important to have a LITERAL clean slate when starting the new year. Clean your car, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and any other space you spend time in. Another important aspect of starting clean is ridding your life of negative people, let them go slowly but definitely don’t keep them around for the year. Overall a clean start will bring more opportunity for improvement and success in 2017.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded individual’s 


I find this to be an essential part of achieving your goals. If you are surrounding yourself with people who have an extreme lack of ambition then it is likely you will suffer because of it. For example if your goals is to get fit or to focus on getting better grades, it probably isn’t the best idea to surround yourself with people whose main concern is when the next black-out weekend is. Sometimes this is hard because it involves distancing yourself from people who have been in your life for as long as you can remember, but in the end it is 100% whats best for you.

5. Revise! 


This is one of the hardest for me because I plan out everything, and when it doesn’t go my way i get super frustrated. I know many people feel the same as me, but you CAN NOT be discouraged if things go wrong. Go back to your original plan and revise! Its okay if something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean you have to give up, keep going!

6. Stay Motivated 


Nobody is going to hand you achievements, you need to earn them. Dont give up, always stay motivated, and keep the bigger picture in mind. Just because things feel bad in the moment, doesn’t mean you should give up on everything. Theres so many different ways to do this, my favourite is by shopping (feel a lack of encouragement to go to the gym? Buy a cute new sports bras.) but it can also be something as simple and talking to a close friend. Overall just keep the goal in mind and work hard.

7. Reward Yourself 

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 5.52.07 PM.png

Whether it be dinner at your fave restaurant, a new bag or a day at the spa, treating yourself is the most important part of achieving goals. If you have a huge goal, then treat yourself each time you take a step to reach it. If it’s a minor goal then treat yourself when you achieve it. This will keep you motivated and give you something to look forward too once you’ve reached your goal.

Overall i wish everyone the best in 2017, i can’t wait to continue to create content and just make this the best year yet!

As per usual if you have any requests feel free to comment or let me know through Instagram, thanks for reading ! Until next time, xoxo.

Instagram: @Kaleighhsodaa




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