Stressed Out Diva: Exam Season Tips

1. Stay organized! 

Throughout your semester organization is key to achieving your education goals. As I’m still in highschool I use a notebook and a folder for each of my classes and ensure that everything is placed where it needs to be. I also make sure to have a folder at home for all of the tests I’ve completed, so that I can look back at them to help me study. 

2. Schedule!!

I cannot stress this one enough, scheduling is so important, even in daily life, but especially during exam szn. To schedule I use the calendar on my cell phone as well as my holy grail planner (Here). The planner is an amazing way to stay on schedule, they contain full month calendars as well as daily areas with enough room to write out your to-do list. I find it also helps if you plan prior to the exams and make a full list including the times in which you want things to be done. 

3. Study Spot

I find that it’s essential to have a clean place to study, whether this be the library, your local starbs, or even a clear desk in your room. Clutter leads to a distraction so ensure that your study space is de-cluttered and only contains the essential study material. 

4. Snacks 

Snacks and honestly just food in general is such an important thing during exam szn. While studying, make sure to motivate yourself with snacks, before your exam make sure to have a good breakfast filled with brain food, also it’s perfectly fine to stress eat!! 

5. Motivate Yourself 

Stay motivated always! personally I like to motivate myself using rewards, so I’ll tell myself “if you study hard and finish the exam with a 85 or above you can have a spa day (if you’re from Toronto, the one at Trump Tower is amazing), or a new bag, or whatever” I find this really pushes me to do my best. If that isn’t really up your alley then maybe motivate yourself with a night out, or a little trip, or even just a nice dinner out. 

7. Stay calm

I struggle with this because I’m an incredibly high strung individual and when things don’t go as planned I go a little crazy. During exam season I focus extra hard on staying calm, some ways I do this is yoga (inserted a super easy and quick routine above) relaxing baths, and even just basic breathing techniques. Overall staying calm will benefit you in all aspects of life so it’s extremely important to learn calming techniques that work for you! 

Hopefully everyone who read this found it somewhat helpful! I wish everyone the best of luck, until next time xoxo! 


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