Daily Diva: OOTD x Ettika 

Hey guys so an amazing accessories brand called Ettika sent me the adorable choker that I’m going to be styling in todays ootd!

💸: use my code “Kaleighhsodaa” for a discount on your next purchase! 

My Thoughts

Overall I love the choker and had a really great purchasing experience with the brand. I was able to spend up to $50 free of charge with the brand, so I picked this piece. The quality is amazing, it’s hand made and the fabric they used was very high quality. The metal attachments they used were also very good quality and don’t feel as if they’re going to break like many other chokers do.


📷: Joey Troupe (IG: joetroupe)

The outfit vibes that I was going for were casual but cute, I was also trying to bring out the choker by using similar textures in other parts of the outfit (leather on leather)

Outfit Deets: 

Top: Wilfred Tee

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket

Pants: Daria Pant

Shoes: Louboutin Belle

Bag: Gucci Boston Bag

Choker:  Ettika Enchanted Choker

Sunnies: Fendi Cat Eye Glasses

More pics:

📷: Joey again! (IG: Joetroupe)

So I’d love to thank Ettika for this awesome opportunity and the adorable choker!

I’d also like to thank all you guys for being so supportive & active.

Thanks for reading, until next time, xoxo!


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