Diva on the go: Monaco πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Hey guys! So since its vacay szn I decided to make some posts about the different places I love traveling to at this time of year.

So my fav vacay spot is currently the south of France, specifically Monte Carlo & Monaco. Though they are practically the same thing, they’re so beautiful, and there’s a variety of unique things to see in such a tiny space. Today I’m covering Monaco and later in the week I’ll cover Monte Carlo. 

What you need to know
 Monaco for me is really relaxing and filled with history (especially if you love grace kelly) it’s less of a busy place and more of a chill place. I know a lot of you guys that read the blog are more into shopping and fashion, and if that’s you then stay tuned for my Monte Carlo post because it’s literally a boujee b*tch haven!

Where to stay 
1. Air bnb 
For Monaco id honestly recommend just air bnbing it, or renting a place via another source because they have such beautiful places with such pretty infinity pools!

2. Monte-Carlo 
Since I don’t know too much of where to stay when you’re in Monaco as far as hotels go (since I’ve never stayed in a hotel there) I’d recommend staying in one of the hotels I’m going to mention in my next post about Monte Carlo & just going to Monaco for the day (it’s like a 10 minute drive)!

Where to eat 
1. Le Petit Bar

This restaurant is super cute and the staff is super friendly! The foods also really good and Affordable which is rare in Monaco. I would totally recommend this place for a lunch
2. La Montgolfiere Henri Geraci 

This restaurants more of a nice dinner type of place! The food is so yummy & super French, and the staff is super welcoming.
3. Pasta Roca 
If you’re looking for Italian food, which is literally what I do everywhere I go, I totally recommend this restaurant! It’s yummy and a great price! 

Also guys, just a quick psa, these are just a few of the cute sit down restaurants that I would recommend. There’s literally like 10 restaurants on every street as well as bakery’s and little gelato shops, these are perfect if you’re in a rush or just looking for something quick to eat!

What to do

1. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

If you’re a huge fan of Grace Kelly or royalty in general you’re going to want to visit this church. Princess grace & her husband as well as a variety of other Monaco royalty are buried in the church, they were also wed in the church. If you’re not so into royalty it’s just a beautiful sight to see in general! 
2. Le Palais des Princes de Monaco 

The castle in Monaco is so understated and adorable. The prince and his family actually live in the castle sometimes and you can tell that they’re inside by looking at the flag (when it’s up they’re home, when it’s down they’re away) their are also tours of the castle which I’ve never done but I think would be a really cool experience. 
3. Parks 
all around Monaco their are beautiful walking paths, you can utilize these walking paths to reach other destinations or even just chill there and look at the beautiful views. 
4. Beaches 

One of the most beautiful things about Monaco are the secluded, semi-private beaches along its shore. As they’re hard to explain I’ve included a picture and can honestly recommend spending time at one of the beaches. If you’ve ever been to Monaco you know that the sand is beyond soft and the water is beyond clear. 10/10 would recommend.

5. Boating szn 

The best way to take on Monaco in my opinion is by boat since their coast line is so beautiful! If you’re looking for a relaxing day than what’s better than chilling and tanning on a boat? Literally nothing. If you don’t already have access to a boat in the med, which is tots understandable since its prob not a common thing then there’s a variety of options such as chartering a yacht (great for big groups) or even just making friends w someone who does have a boat (networking is key and so easy in such a small place)

Overal this post is a bit dry, mainly because Monaco is such a chill place, but he sure to read next weeks Monte Carlo post for more substance!

Thanks for reading everyone, so appreciated as always, and until next time, xoxo!


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